It is truly a responsibility and privilege to lead The BITEXCO GROUP of companies.

We will prioritize people above all else, and create a better environment and living conditions with our businesses in fields such as Real estate, Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, and Hydro Power plants, ultimately taking part in building a future where all Vietnamese can prosper and grow together.

To guide us on this journey we adhere to four simple principles:

  • We pursue excellence in all we do
  • We are judged by our associations
  • We acknowledge our social responsibilities
  • Our people are the heart of our organization

We pursue excellence in all we do

Since BITEXCO’s founding in Vietnam in 1985, we have consistently maintained a focus on developing world-class products. An integral part of this commitment is to deliver the highest quality service to our customers. A company without satisfied customers will not be in business for very long.

What sets The BITEXCO GROUP apart from other companies? I believe it is our grounding in the traditional values of family and community. This means in every venture and project we undertake our aim is to improve people’s lives. A strong, healthy community is the environment in which a business will thrive. The two go hand-in-hand and cannot be considered separately.

Our organization’s ambition is not modest, yet it requires humility from the Chairman down to the most junior of our employees. We demand excellence in both performance and behavior from our staff and can never rest on our laurels. We operate in an increasingly competitive marketplace, so only a continuous drive for improved performance will keep us ahead of the pack.

We are judged by our associations

As we enter new markets our own reputation will often precede us. In the same way, The BITEXCO GROUP assesses business partners by their standards and reputation.

Our character and standing in the business community is something that cannot be given a monetary value. It is of utmost importance we safeguard this reputation and that means holding our business partners, suppliers and clients to the same high standards we set for ourselves. As Chairman, I take this responsibility very seriously. In selecting our venture partners it is always at the forefront of my mind.

We acknowledge our social responsibilities

No company operates in a vacuum. Our relationship with the communities within which we operate is essential to our company’s success. Therefore we regard working to create a prosperous society to be a guiding principle for all of our company’s activities. Being a driver of economic growth is perhaps the most influential part we can play in achieving this goal.

Like all members of the BITEXCO family, I am proud of our company’s achievements and look forward with great optimism to what the future holds for both our company and the nation of Vietnam. As the country emerges on to the world stage, I am proud to lead an organization that is playing a significant role in reshaping the international view of Vietnam, its capabilities and its potential.

Our people are the heart of our organization

People are the real bricks and mortar of our organization. We recruit only the best personnel and give them every opportunity to develop and grow in their careers.

Maintaining an open, accountable and supportive corporate culture is a responsibility of every employee of The BITEXCO GROUP. However, all of the company’s executives, myself included most of all, have a duty to lead by example.

Respect, loyalty and trust are the foundation of our organizational success. I believe this goes to the heart of the philosophy of what I call the ‘BITEXCO family’. Through supporting and learning from each other, our company can become greater than the sum of its individual parts.