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Dak Mi 4 Hydro Power Plant
The Dak Mi 4 hydropower project was owned and implemented by Dak Mi JSC, Bitexco Group (equity stake of 66%), IDICO Company (equity stake of 26%) and another shareholder (equity stake 8%). The project is located in Phuoc Xuan, Phuoc Son District, Quang Nam province. IDICO is project’s main contractor.
The Dak Mi 4 consists of 3 plants: Dak Mi 4A, Dak Mi 4B and Dak Mi 4C (each plant has 4 generator groups) with total capacity of 208MW and provide annual electricity output of 833 million kWh. The Dak Mi 4 plant is the high priority electricity project which is a part of the national power development plan approved by the Prime Minister
The Dak Mi 4 plant was commenced in April 2007, so far it has been basically finished and the reservoir water has been built at average level at 258m high. The compensation for 69 resettled household  has been fully implemented. The construction of resettlement areas along with public road system and the new bridge have been also completed to provide a stable life for these resettlement households, and continue implementing programs to support production for these households.