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Thanh Hoa By-pass on National Road No.1A is more than 10 km long. It begins at Km 0+00 toward to center of Thanh Hoa City and ends at National Road No.1A at Km 10+035, 38. This project is consistent with the overall master plan of Thanh Hoa province in 2020, which was approved by Prime Minister.

This project was designed under the road standard for speed capacity of 80 km per hour. This 26-meters road includes 4 lanes for motors and cars; 2 lanes for bicycles; and 5-meter wide center divider. The whole by-pass has 5 bridges, 3 intersections and 2 interchanges, going through Ham Rong, Dong Tho, Nam Ngan Wards, and Dong Huong, Dong Hai, Quang Hung, Quang Thanh, Quang Thinh communes.
Once completed this project will reduce traffic jam, noise, pollution in Thanh Hoa City, encourage the development of services, industrial parks around the area that the road passing by. It also helps to develop the local economics, reduce travelling time between North and South Vietnam, completes the master plan of Thanh Hoa province. By putting the road into operation, Thanh Hoa By-pass road No.1A helps to encourage urbanizing the East of Thanh Hoa and attract investment.