February 20, 2012
Admission of new Party members and Recognition of official Party members
On 18th February, 2012, Bitexco Group Party Committee solemnly held the Admission Ceremony of new Party member and Recognition Ceremony of official Party members.
Attending the ceremony, there were Mr. Trinh Huy Thanh – Secretary of Hanoi tourism Party Committee, Ms. Tran Thi Tham – Secretary of Bitexco Group Party Committee, Mr. Vu Quang Hoi – Chairman of Bitexco Group.
The ceremony was taken place solemnly under due process of the Party Charter. After being awarded the Admission Decision to the Vietnam Communist Party, the four new members sworn the honor oath of the Vietnam Communist party members. They also expressed their pride to be members of Vietnam Communist Party and sworn that they would actively try to be good Party members and contribute to the successful implementation of tasks assigned by Bitexco Group.
Right after the ceremony ended, the Opening Ceremony of Party Training Class started. Mr. Trinh Huy Thanh made the speech to start the training class with the attendance of 28 excellent members from Bitexco Group.
During the two days, excellent people was provided with basic knowledge of Party members such as: History of Vietnam Communist Party, Flatform of building country in the transition period, Party Charter and Orientation to be Party member, etc.
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