October 30, 2016

On 2 days of 29 and 30 October 2016, the volunteer team of Bitexco Group coordinated with reporters of NewAgriculture Newspaper to begin the visiting program, give gifts to the people in the communes suffering from the most heavily damagesin recent floodincluding Ha Linh commune in Huong Khe district, Duc Lien commune in Vu Quang district, and Duc Lang commune in Duc Tho district of Ha Tinh provin

At the first destination in Ha Linh commune, Huong Khe district, in the afternoon of 29/10, the volunteer team directly donated to flood victims 100 gifts.

Sharing with the flood victims, Mr. Pham Minh Duc - leader of Bitexco volunteer team, Sales Director of Vital Company said: “With the spirit of solidarity, right after hearing that you were in misfortune, we immediately carried out the collection throughout the Group to give you here the warm gifts. We hoped that the heart of Bitexco officers and employee shall help you partially overcome immediate difficulties to overcome difficulties in life. Being a Group focusing on the community activities, Bitexco committed to always participate in the social works in general, and the support activity to the people in provinces sufferingfrom damages due to natural disasters in particular”. In the afternoon of the same day, the volunteer team visited and gave gifts to some exceptionally difficult families in Ha Linh commune.

In the morning of 30/10, Bitexco volunteer team continued to move to Vinh Yen hanlet, Duc Lang commune, Duc Tho district, Ha Tinh province. The teamvisited and gave gifts to the poor students overcoming difficulties of Duc Tho High School. In the morning of the same day, the volunteer team continued to visit and gave 50 gifts to the poor people in Vinh Yen hanlet, Duc Lang commune, Duc Tho district, Ha Tinh province. This was the commune with the deepest and heaviest flood of the province. The cultural house was the place for giving gifts, the volunteer team noted that the water level was 1.5m here. It is worth noting that the cultural house is the highest area in the commune.

One of the communes suffering from theworst flood was Lien Hoa commune, Duc Lien commune, Vu Quang district. Because there is no bridge so over 400 households of the commune must travel by ferry. When the flood water rises, the whole commune is separated.So it is very hard for people to receive the relief. The volunteer team of Bitexco is not an exception. They had to ask people to go to this side of river to receive gifts and relief. Under the heavy rain in the Central, people and the volunteer team tried our best for people to quickly get gifts.

In the afternoon of 30/10, the volunteer team continued to visit 150 children who were poor pupils in kindergarten and primary school in Vu Quang district. They were taken to schools at weekends to receive gifts with bewildered and innocent faces. They were so curious and happy to receive gifts from the volunteer team and temporarily forget the sadness when returning to the dilapidated houses to remedy the flood damages together with their parents.

The members of the volunteer team were so touched when seeing their stature walking with their parents in the heavy rain, signaling a new flood. The members of the volunteer team prayed that there shall be a miracle to the people here through the good heart of the whole country. We hope to see you in another better circumstance with more joyful laughter and hope that you can overcome difficulties and hardships to develop the economy, to get rich and create the future.

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