June 26, 2015
Note of Da River: "End of the Lake"
Note of Da River:
19/5/2015. We arrived at Nậm Mức hydropower plant yesterday afternoon. The plant is very close to Nậm Mức area, a part of Muong Cha ward, Dien Bien province. We went to visit the plant right after arriving. Mr Vy Chi My - General Director of Nam Muc JSC took us through the plant. The turbin No. 1 has been completed and was ready for operation. The turbin No.2 is now assembling and almost finished. For me, this hydropower plant with 44mw capacity is seen fully completed.

Travelling on Nam Muc River

The sound of turbin is playing around and reminds me about the time when we travelled on Nho Que 3 hydropower lake, with the same green water, blue and clear sky, sometimes we can see small villages in the middle of the moutain. Back then, I rememberd My showed me Cơi leaf, terraced fields. I turned aside and asked the guy standing next to me, his name is Doanh – an engineer of Nam Muc plant “How long have you been working in hydro power business?” – He answered: “I graduated in 2003, and worked at Se-san 3A project. In 2006, I followed My to work at Tuyen Quang project. 2009, I again followed My to start working here”

“Follow My”. For nearly ten years now, I have heard this answer from tens of young engineers on the hydropower construction sites where My working. He must have a special attraction that is strong enough to convince young engineers to follow him

At the end of Nam Muc lake - where Long Tao hydropower plant project will be located

My graduated from civil engineering college in 1981 and developed his career at Youth construction of Hoa Binh province. For years, My has been in charge for technology, which partly created a detail characteristic from My. I remember I met My for the first time in 2002 at Nam Mu hydropower plant (with 12MW capacity) in Bac Quang ward, Ha Giang province. The plant was developed by Song Da 9 company and My was project director. At that time, because the day was turning darker and darker, we could not visit the site. My opened his computer to show me the renders of the plant, dam and the water pipes that carry water to the plant. Back then, not so many engineers were able to draw the 3D renders on computer as such My did. 

The challenge of building a hydropower plant in moutainous area is finding a good accessing path. Many investors have given up the project because there was so access at such a mountainous area.

At Nam Mu construction site, My has found the solution for “accessing path”. The construction team had to hang themselve in the middle of straight cliff to dig and creatve the accessing path. Overcoming those impossible things, Nho Que 3 finally operated with the 110MW capacity. My shared with me: “Mr. Vu Quang Hoi – Chairman of Bitexco Group put all his trust on us who working at the site. During first stage of project, he nearly did not check the site”

My did not talk much and I no more asked him. However, I know My has tried his best for not dissapointing Mr. Hoi trust. The result, Nho Que 3 has successfully put into operation in April, 2012, after 4 years of construction, and continues this success with Nho Que 1&2 

Nam Muc was bought by Bitexco after a few years of suspense. This is the biggest hydropower plant in Dien Bien province. The plant made My’s wish come true as he wanted to contribute something meaningful for this mountainous province. 

“I am a leader at the site, but at the Bitexo Group, I play as a consultant. And being a consultant, I must provide a good advise” – My shared with me. His word reminds me about the story at Son La hydropower plant. Back then, when there was a storm around October 2012, a flood was coming from the uper reaches as its ressult. The water level at Da River was rising quickly. The small dykes surrounding were threaten to be broken. My was there when the flood was coming and with his clever ideas, the site and the small dykes were safe. If the dyke had broken, not only all the plant properties, including equipments and hundreds of people would have passed along with the water, but also the commencement date of project would have been delayed for years as well. 

My (wearing glass) and Quang are working on accessing path that leads to Long Tao project

After the above problem was safely over, it was also the time My said goodbye to the Son La project and joined Bitexco group as Mr. Vu Quang Hoi’s invitation. About ten years have passed, Nam Muc project was the fourth project that My participate at Bitexco Group. I said to him: “you must have a strong zeal, musn’t you?”. My did not answer my question directly, he just said while smiling: “People have to know how to overcome their limit”. “Overcome the limit” – a good description about My by his friends, colleagues. 

“At the end of the lake” is not the ending, but a beginning for a new hydropower plant project. This is the happiness of people who work at hydropower construction site. I don’t know if My will continue working for Long Tao, another project of Bitexco, but one thing I am sure that My will continue being an example for young engineers to follow.  

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