May 06, 2015
The first generator group of Nam Muc hydro-power plant successfully put into no-load operation
The first generator group of Nam Muc hydro-power plant successfully put into no-load operation
Today, 6th May, 2015 at Muong Cha district, Dien Bien province, Nam Muc Hydropower Company (developed by Bitexco Group) has successfully put the first generator group into no-load operation. 

Nam Muc hydropower plant was commenced in 2006. However, up to mid 2012, when the management was transferred to Bitexco Group, the project was positively speeded up  its construction and installation.

Nam Muc hydropower plant was designed to have two generator groups with the total capacity of 44 MW, annual power output of 176.33 KWh. This is the biggest hydropower plant in Dien Bien province currently.
So far, the construction has been completed. The investor has already refunded the full compensation as regulations to households in the affected area of the project, implemented a long-term agricultural production plan and also done the reforestation of 13.2 ha.

The success of no-load operation this morning is the result of the hardworking and struggle process of Nam Muc hydropower company, contractors and the whole workers under the direction of Bitexco Group’s Board of Directors to accelerate the construction speed celebrating Dien Bien Phu Victory Day (7th May). This event is also a significant milestone in the whole construction and operation of Nam Muc hydropower plant, once again affirmed the capacity, prestige and experience of Bitexco Group in hydropower investment.

After the successful no-load operation this morning, the first generator group will be put into official operation in May, joining the Vietnamese Electricity Grid, greatly contributing to improve the life standard of Dien Bien citizens and develop local economics.

The 2nd generator group is urgently installed and planned to be put into no-load operation in June 2015.

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