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Eco Lake Sau Vo - Vinh Phuc
The Yen Lac – Binh Xuyen urban area is designed to become a modern lakeside eco location. The simultaneous development of the traffic & infrastructure systems and attractive architecture will give the province a new image. The design of this area also has an environment-friendly design, which will meet the residents' demand for housing, recreation and entertainment.
Despite its modern design, the Yen Lac – Binh Xuyen urban area will still maintain the cultural characteristics of the province of Vinh Phuc. The design also includes sustainability, a University, a Hospital, and resort & entertainment facilities. With two lakes of around 1,000 ha, the Yen Lac – Binh Xuyen urban area is suitably designed to become a green area, with its combination of parks and lakes.
When completed, the Yen Lac – Binh Xuyen urban area will be the most prestigious project of Vinh Phuc province, a tourist destination and a resort both for tourists and local residents. In this way the project will make the great contribution to the socio – economic development of the province.
Developing this environment-friendly and open lakeside eco urban area, Bitexco Group expects to realize the strategy of Vinh Phuc province to become a Grade One urban area in the near future, and to become a green urban area following the province's vision for 2030 and onwards.
  • Location: Yen Lac & Binh Xuyen District, Vinh Phuc Province, Vietnam
  • Site area: 3,000 hectares
  • Scheduled construction period: starting from 2012