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News - 10, month 09, 2019
In the morning of 10/09/2019, the Inauguration of Nhi Ha Solar Power Plant - Phase 1 with total investment cost of 1,130 billion VND invested by Solar Power Ninh Thuan ...

business philosophy

The Bitexco Group aspires to lead in the innovation of Vietnam’s economy. Therefore, contributing to Vietnam’s economic development and improving the quality of life for Vietnamese are central to our philosophy.

The perfection that we pursue is not only reflected in professional competence but also in the moral character of each member from the highest level of leadership, middle leaders to all employees of the Group. Perfection is a prerequisite of a pioneering position in competitive and integrated economy nowsaday.
Bitexco Group assesses business partners by their standards and reputation.
There is no company operates in a vacuum. Our relationship with the communities within which we operate is essantial to our company's success. Therefore we regard working to create a prosperous society to be a guiding principle for all of our activities.
We have built together the philosophy of the "Bitexco Family" based on respectation, loyalty and trust as the key principles. Each member is constantly supporting and learning from each other, forming the synergy for the greater our company.
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