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News - 10, month 09, 2019
In the morning of 10/09/2019, the Inauguration of Nhi Ha Solar Power Plant - Phase 1 with total investment cost of 1,130 billion VND invested by Solar Power Ninh Thuan ...


29/01/2019 The Garden

Last 14/12, the Fire fighting & rescue police of Nam Tu Liem District and The Garden Property Management committee co-organized the Fire fighting & rescue rehearsal at The Garden building.

“This activity aims to raise fire fighting & prevention awareness for staffs working at buildings, and to get acquainted with deploying fire fighting and rescue for the fire cases in the region”, spoke by Mr. Nguyễn Trọng Lượng – Vice Chairman of Nam Từ Liêm District People’s Committee, at the rehearsal.

It is assumed that there were a fire at The Garden. Then the fire fighting team of the building promptly warned the alarm, deployed the fire fighting teams at site to save human and assets, at the same time called 114 to notify the case and rescue people.

After receiving the information, the Fire fighting & rescue police of Nam Tu Liem District assigned professional fire vans and ladders and police to coordinate with the local teams to promptly spread water preventing fire. In the rehearsal, the Military Command of Nam Tu Liem district and doctors and nurses were also mobilized to the site and save the rescued people.

In the panic situation, some people ran up stair and called for help, then the rescue team used professional van and ladder to pick up the victims and bring them down safely. After a certain time of fire fighting, the assumed fire was controlled and extinguished.

Some images of the Fire fighting & prevention and rescue rehearsal at The Garden building, Me Tri ward, Hanoi.

Diễn tập PCCC tại The Garden 2018 - 1

Diễn tập PCCC tại The Garden 2018 - 2

Diễn tập PCCC tại The Garden 2018 - 3

Diễn tập PCCC tại The Garden 2018 - 4

Diễn tập PCCC tại The Garden 2018 - 5

This is the co-organized activity among Binh Minh Thang Long Company, The Garden Shopping Center and local authorities. This shows the coordination and compliance with State regulations on fire fighting & prevention and raises awareness and settlement skills in case of fire in the building area of Bitexco Group. This also presents the serious concern of Bitexco in security and safety to all of its real estate buildings.